If you have a kitchen counter that has a space where you can fit a couple of stools, it’s a great way to not only expand your sitting area, but create a space by choosing some seats that accentuate your style.

Wood Bar Stools

Traditionally, bar stools were standard wood stools, with a round seat. These stools are still available, and quite economical. They work best with traditional décor.

Some newer wooden seats made for a bar or kitchen island have some different options. Saddle Seat stools are a popular option for those who would like a wooden stool with a more contemporary feel. The rectangle-shaped seat has a slight curve for comfort, and it looks very stylish.

Many newer styled wood stools have backs on them, which can make an area feel more like a casual dining atmosphere, instead of a quick eat-and-run setting. Some are very plain-styled with straight slats on the back, and others have a checker-back for a little more flair.

Metal Stools

Another option for those trying to make a stylish statement at their breakfast bar is stools made from metal. These are very popular right now and come in a variety of styles. With many kitchens featuring stainless steel appliances, a very chic and contemporary look is to coordinate the kitchen counter stools with the appliances.

kitchen counter stool

a metal stool

Other metal chairs for using at a counter have a darker, almost wrought-iron look. Some feature a micro-fiber seat that is comfortable, and for the most part, cleans easily. These stools work in either traditional or modern settings, and can be found at almost any retailer.

Retro Seating Options

Retro is very popular right now, and there are always choices that can make you step back in time. Another stool that is available is the traditional diner stool that you would see in a 50’s style restaurant or soda shop. The leather top and chrome trim make it an instant eye-catcher.

The first stools were probably found in bars and pubs, so another option is to design your kitchen theme around a favorite pub stool you may find. They range from plain wood, to more upscale leather and chrome, and can make quite a statement.

Whatever stool you choose for your kitchen worktops, pick one that goes with your style, but also fits your needs. Kitchen counter stools can make a great addition to any kitchen with an open floor plan.