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How to Cut a Blue Pearl Granite Counter

Blue pearl granite is a popular choice for modern kitchen countertops, mainly because of the granite’s durability and the blue pearl color’s beauty. Normally, these countertops can be ordered pre-cut to suit most applications. However, if you want to have a more unique shape for your granite counter, then you may need to cut the blue pearl granite down to size. Here are the things you need to make it happen.

Like all construction projects, it comes down to preparation. The main tool you will need is a cutting instrument. You have three choices here: a grinder with a diamond blade, a circular saw with a diamond blade, or a laser-sided saw, the one which uses a short-pulse laser for cutting. After obtaining your cutting instrument, you will also need a vacuum to suck up the granite dust particles as you cut. Ideally, this vacuum will be an attachment to your cutter, but it can also be separate equipment. To protect yourself, you will also need a mask and goggles.

Before the actual cutting, you need to do very careful measurements first. You need to measure the final location, as well as any cutouts you need to fit in (some faucets, for example). To make the job easier, you can fit pieces of plywood over the final counter location, glue them together, and place the thing on top of your blue pearl granite as a template. Now you can trace the outline with a piece of chalk to serve as your guide for cutting.

A beautiful blue pearl granite counter

Now, turn on the vacuum and begin cutting. As you cut, you need to work slowly and cautiously, keeping the saw steady at all times. You should also ready the different blades for your saw, to cut the edges and curves as you go along. Check the manual to see which blades are appropriate to use at any given time. When you finish a section, smooth them out with a small grinder. Then, when you are finally done, clean and polish those areas you have grounded.

Now that you know these steps, you should select a good location to do all the cutting. The process is very, very messy, so somewhere outside the main house is most ideal. But needless to say, it is best if you have some cutting experience beforehand, because a steady hand is very crucial to the final beauty of your blue pearl granite. That being said, however, there is always a sense of fulfillment in doing it yourself, and some trial and error should not deter you from this project.


The Importance of Kitchen Worktops

One of the biggest concerns of homeowners and contractors when creating or renovating a kitchen is selecting the right kitchen worktop. According to decorating experts, if you desire to have a beautiful and functional kitchen, then you must carefully select the best kitchen worktops. To make your kitchen functional and attractive, it is best to choose quartz kitchen countertops.

Quartz kitchen countertops have a reputation for making kitchens stylish and functional. It is known that quartz is the one of the most common minerals on Earth. Quartz comes in different colors such as: purple, black, white, green, yellow and brown; this will provide a lot of options for those trying to match the rest of the décor of the kitchen.

Quartz countertops are not just popular for their attractive appearance, but they are also popular because they are very durable and functional.  Quartz countertops that are purchased from big companies are designed to resist stains, heat, and scratches.  In other words, these countertops are tough enough to handle every day wear and tear. And these worktops are sold in different moldings to fit any kitchen.

Quartz Countertops

A beautiful piece of quartz that will be made into a worktop for the kitchen!

There are huge debates about purchasing quartz because they are as expensive as granite countertops. These countertops are worth around 100 dollars per piece. Quartz worktops will actually win this debate, because they are tougher than granite countertops. Like other kitchen countertops that are available in the market, granite countertops only come in one variety and they emit amounts of radon. Radon is a radioactive element that can cause a huge health concern. Therefore, it is best and safer to choose kitchen countertops that are made from quartz. Quartz countertops are definitely your best choice, if you are planning to transform your kitchen into a haven for cooking. You do not need to look for other worktops, because quartz countertops are guaranteed to give your kitchen the exact makeover you were looking for.

Kitchen Countertop Cleaning Tips

It was a typical late Monday afternoon. The chili was simmering over the stove top. The onions were being chopped. The kids were getting the table ready for supper and mom was rummaging through the mail that had been sitting on the counter for the past two days. If you’re wondering where we’re at……YES you guessed it! We’re in our lovely kitchen, where we spend the majority of our “bonding” time. To say that the kitchen countertops get “beat up” pretty bad is definitely an understatement! “No job’s too big, no job’s too small” use the cleaning tips below and watch your kitchen worktops glow!! 

•Wipe off dirt and dust with a wet sponge.
•Use dish-washing liquid detergent with warm water to wash off stains.
•Moisten the surface with a soapy solution and allow the countertop to soak for a few minutes. Some stains may need extra attention. Rinse with warm water and wipe dry.
•The surface is now ready for baking soda. Sprinkle and scrub the baking soda over the stain. Rinse again and wipe dry.

cleaning kitchen worktop

Cleaning the worktop

•Laminate countertops are easy to clean. A secret to lifting stains off of their surface is to squeeze a lemon slice onto the stain and allow it to stand for about 15 minutes. Rinse and wipe dry. 

•Use Chlorine bleach solution consisting of (1/2 tsp of bleach and 2 quarts of water) to clean butcher block worktops. Never allow this surface to soak up too much water, for this will cause permanent damage! Ceramic tile can also be cleaned with a bleach solution. A nice trick to getting in between the lining of the tiles is to scrub them with an old toothbrush.
•Marble and granite countertops are easily scratched and shouldn’t be cleaned with any chemicals or harsh cleaning tools!
At this point someone might be asking “Isn’t there a household name product that I can use?” The answer is, but of course! LYSOL ANTIBACTERIAL KITCHEN CLEANER and CLOROX CLEAN-UP CLEANER WITH BLEACH, are great to use on hard, nonporous countertop surfaces. Let’s not forget Clorox disinfecting wipes for everyday use. HAPPY CLEANING!

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